A 2 Track Holiday EP from CommonUnion59

CommonUnion59 at first glance just seems like a YouTube Username. In reality, CommonSense59 is an indie-rock duo who have debuted a Holiday EP just in time for the holidays! No corny covers or overdone ear worms on this EP. CommonUnion59 only have their original songs on this Christmas record. We can’t promise that you’ll be listening to it all Christmas eve and morning, but might just add one of these songs to your holiday mixtape.

It’s an acoustic Christmas for CommonUnion59. The melodies are soft and easy to listen to, it gives you the feel of sipping hot chocolate in a small coffee shop. The melody to “You And Me” is soft and soothing and might even have a relaxing affect, which might come in handy depending on how your holiday shopping has been going. In addition, the lyrics to that song are super sweet and almost reassuring.

The production on these songs are crystal clear, making it super easy to listen to. What really blows this ep out of the water is what went into it. CommonUnion59 shared their love of the holidays by creating two original holiday songs and sharing it with the world. Just that act alone is impressive.

Wanna learn more about CommonUnion59? Visit their website.

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