“A Head Full of Dreams” by Coldplay: Album review

coldplay_-_a_head_full_of_dreamsSome of you may have wondered where this album review has been. I mean, it’s been two weeks since the release and I had to keep myself from bombarding you with review after review in the lead up! The truth is, I’ve been trying to figure out what to say about this album. It’s one of those moments where it is incredibly difficult to find the words that fit what I want to say.

After a few listens? Yeah, I like the album. It does everything that I expect and demand from a Coldplay album at this point. However, that doesn’t mean when it’s put out in general like that. All bands shift and experiment with their sound over time. All bands grow in sound. Sometimes it’s subtle, and sometimes it’s not. Mylo Xyloto was an adventure in sound. Ghost Stories was a return to the more classical elements of the Coldplay sound. A Head Full of Dreams manages to combine both of those albums stand out features into a single overarching sound, and it is simply divine.

The songs are filled with energy and evocative lyrics that draw the attention with ease. There are so many twisting paths that write a beautiful variety of feelings with their sounds and inflections. The songs flow beautifully from one into another, with subtle tie ins to the other tracks sprinkled in the lyrics. Each song seems to take on it’s own life, and creates a fantastic adventure within the track as the sounds shift and change.

I’m certain you’ve probably sought out and listened to the album already, but it is more than worth another listen. It is a wonderful new album from the band, and I honestly haven’t stopped listening to it for very long this week. It’s been an honest struggle to find the words for this review, because the album just has so much to offer that it is nigh on impossible to condense it into a few hundred words. All in all? I love the new album, and I have my eye on the news already.

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