“Borrowed Time” by Frances: Single Review

Another grab bag kind of day, this time with a new track from Frances. “Borrowed Time” had simple cover art that easily caught my eye and drew me in. Sometimes that’s all it takes to be appealing, even next to incredible ornate art that makes you really wonder what you’re about to hear.

At any rate, the song starts out incredibly beautifully, with a fantastic melodic opening and an airy feeling to it as it leads into the song. There is a subtle beat to the song that helps drive it long as the vocals paint an evocative and emotive picture of the lead in to a break up. The song is softly electric with soft synthetic vibrations making up the majority of the music, but it works perfectly for the track.

It’s such a delightful find. I really enjoy it, and it is so beautiful that I’d love for you to go out and listen to it right now! I’ll definitely be hanging around for more from Frances, and I hope that you’ll be joining me!

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