“FloriDada” by Animal Collective: Single Review

It’s a grab bag sort of day, and I’ve managed to happen across this single that was released last week. It’s got an interesting enough name to tempt me to venture down the path of listening to it. And so, we arrive at this review of “FloriDada” by Animal Collective.

The track starts out with a lot of electric synth and bases, and there’s no preparing for what it leads into. There are so many layers of sounds and voices that the song seems to hit you from all directions. It’s a surreal as the title suggests that it could get. It’s a little overwhelming and it feels like you’re getting jerked in several directions just by listening to it. It’s interesting though, and after the initial shock it’s a lovely song with an excellent pace. So, despite the rocky start for me I ended up enjoying the fun energy that the song possesses.

All in all? It’s an interesting song and you should give it a listen if you’re feeling brave. I certainly enjoyed it after a moment to adjust to the intensity and variety in it, but admittedly it did take a moment or two to get past that initial shocking hist of sound and vocals. It’s catchy and fun, and it certainly stands out from the rest of the pack.

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