“Destiny Defined” by Listen for the Light: EP Review

Another day, another review! Today we look at Destiny Defined, an EP from Listen for the Light that was released earlier this year. Now, at first glance, it looks like we’re going to be in for a bit of a ride, and hitting start on the album doesn’t disappoint.

Energetic guitars and drums lead into the album, and create a heavier sound with ease. Within the first track an interesting dichotomy appears, as the lyrics are incredibly uplifting for what is expected from such a heavy sound. This continues throughout the EP, with lyrics that one normally wouldn’t associate with the genre of music that’s hitting your ears.

The sound varies with each song, switching up paces and keeping it from being the same consistent heaviness throughout all six songs. It gives a feel for the range of the group, as well as several moments where it’s more relaxing than some of the other tracks on the album. The tracks each have their own enticing energy to them, and are strangely beautiful. there’s no cacophonies or strange gratings of sound that could through an album like this off.

All in all? This was an incredibly interesting EP. You should listen to it right now because it does an easy job of standing out. I’ll definitely be keeping an ear out for more from this group in the future, and I certainly think that you should do the same.

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