“Our Oceans” by Our Oceans: Album Review

"Our Oceans" by Our Oceans

"Our Oceans" by Our OceansAnother day, another debut album floating out there in the wild abyss of the internet. I personally love debut albums, because it’s a quiet promise that there will always be new music in the world, you just have to be open about where you look for it. You have to give it a chance and dig through the new artists to see what hasn’t quite hit your ear yet. Which brings us to today’s review of the titular debut album from Our Oceans.

The album is filled with melodic music that feels mellow while still filling the listener with a subtle sort of energy that consumes them and drags them in deeper to the music. It’s safe to say that the band had won me over within the first track. Each song seems to flow easily into the next, keeping to their only rises and falls with ease. The album is inherently beautiful, and it was quickly declared a favorite before it even reached the final tracks. There are so many sounds, genres, and effects blended together that it’s incredibly hard to pinpoint them all, especially since they’re layered so wonderfully that it stops feeling like there’s sixteen aspects, and blends into one with ease.

All in all? Go listen to this band! This album was an amazing journey and I definitely plan on listening to it again and again and again. There is so much packed into the nine songs on this album that I could talk for days about it,  and probably will for that matter, but this is something that deserves to be experienced. So go on, give it a listen.

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