“The Dream Alive” by Vocal Few: EP Review

Vocal Few "The Dream Alive"At the end of October, Vocal Few released an EP entitled “The Dream Alive”. So, today on Music Unlabeled, we feature a review on this husband and wife duo’s EP. They tend to release more sunny, poppy love songs, and it seems like “The Dream Alive” is going to subvert that a little.

The album starts off with a somber feeling sound, and a decent pace that seems to travel quickly while giving the feel of slower track. The songs are beautiful and well balanced, and hold the attention extraordinarily well. They’re all on the slow and somber side of things, but it’s far from being a downer of an album. In fact, despite the more serious approach to the songs, the tracks still maintain a level of sweetness and fun to them that is incredibly hard to ignore. The songs manage to mix in energy levels that are everywhere from subtle to easy to notice. The songs are balanced and flow easily from one to another, changing in energy and overall feeling with ease.

All in all? This was a wonderful album, and it’s been long overdue for a place on Music Unlabeled. I’m delighted to have found this new group to explore and listen to. I definitely think you should go out and listen to them as soon as you can, because they are worth it, and this EP will prove that with ease.

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