“RWND” by ALXNDR: An EP Review


"RWND" by ALXNDRToday we have another interesting review featuring a group centered around
their debut EP! Last month, ALXNDR released RWND, a five song EP with an enchanting sound. We are delighted to featurre it here on Music Unlabeled, and I can’t wait to share this EP with you all.

The EP starts out with a melodic song that seems to float along the air with ease. It’s a beautiful start, and easily captures the attention. It’s a great hook for the rest of the album, which has a slightly nostalgic and romantic feel to it. It’s a beautiful arrangement, and blends a variety of sounds and effects together in a way that is incredibly effective at being evocative. It switches between a variety of paces and energies while staying in the same nostalgic, emotive range. Each track has it’s own personality and blend, and the entire EP seems to blend together in perfect harmony.

All in all? It’s a gorgeous album that I heartily enjoyed. I definitely think you should look up this band I you haven’t yet, because they’re definitely worth the time. I for one can not wait for them to release more music because I am heavily invested in where things are going to go from here.

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