“Dirt Sledding” by the Killers: Video Review

December has hit and so has a full fledged urge to listen to Christmas music all the time! Luckily, the Killers have released their yearly Christmas song, complete with a video directed by Matthew Gray Gubler, starring Richard Dreyfuss with a spoken word role, and the return of Ryan Pardey as Santa! “Dirt Sledding” appears to be the conclusion to an unofficial “Santa Trilogy” that has been interspersed through out the ten year stretch of yearly Christmas Music, the proceeds of which goes to help the fight against AIDS.

The song itself is incredibly fun with an energetic pacing once it gets past the slow and slightly eerie beginning. To me it captures the energy of the holiday season perfectly, the slow drag that precedes and then the explosion of fun and celebration that hits soon after, and changes the entire feeling of the sound and season.

The video is rather surreal, for lack of a better term. Santa seems to be in a bad way at first, but then mascots of other holidays (plus the tooth fairy whho doesn’t exactly have a holiday) from throughout the year join him in an endeavor to get him to a better place. It’s an incredibly entertaining video that has a humorous note to it, and fits well with the song. I definitely recommend watching it and seeking out the song as soon as you have time.

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