“Dark Energy” by The Cult: Single Review

The Cult. Image source: WikimediaIt’s one of those days where I feel like reaching out and plucking new music out of Spotify’s new releases at random. Which is how we end up with the most recent single from the Cult! Now, they’re way off my radar, but everything deserves a chance when it comes to a grab bag day.

The song starts out with a strong drum beat that leads into growling guitars and creates a fantastic energy. The song has a decent pace to it, and positively hums with a subtle energy to it that’s easily addictive and captures the listener with ease, pulling them deeper into the song. It isn’t fast paced, but it seems like it gets over far too quickly.

All in all? I’m not entirely sure how they’ve managed to evade my attention for so long. It’s a fantastic song and it’s got me wondering why i haven’t happened across them before this. I definitely think you should go and listen to it as soon as you’ve got the time to. The Cult will be releasing their tenth studio album, Hidden City, on February 5, 2016.

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