“Saint Cecilia EP” by Foo Fighters: EP review

I can’t actually think of the last time I reviewed an EP off the top of my head, but it is a very frazzled time of year for me, as i’m sure many others are feeling for any number of reasons. At any rate, I decided to mix it up today and listen to an EP from Foo Fighters!

The EP starts off with an easy track that shares the title. It’s somewhat restrained and mellowed with a harsh undertone that pulls the listener into the main part of the EP, with tracks that start off by getting progressively heavier with each new title, though it does peak at the middle point of the album and drops back down to mellower sounds. It’s a seamless transition a lot of the time, and it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the music even if you’re like me and out of your normal listening zones.

It’s true, every so often something that makes me consider listening to them more catches my ear, but I’m far from what is commonly considered a fan. However, even as this EP touches areas that I normally consider too heavy for my liking, it holds my attention and makes me wonder why I don’t spend at least a little more time listening to Foo Fighters. The EP is incredibly balanced and doesn’t spend too much time on either end of the heavy and mellow spectrum, and often blends the two together in ways that really appeal to the ears.

All in all? It’s a fantastic EP and I certainly think that you should take the time to listen to it. It’s five tracks that make it easy for any form of music lover to find something they enjoy about the EP while staying true to the sort of sound that I tend to expect from Foo Fighters.

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