Fallstar Announce New Album + New Music Video

FallstarPortland band Fallstar has announced that they’ll release Future Golden Age on December 8. The upcoming album is crowd-funded and will be released through Rat Family Records. After the album drops, Fallstar will head to Germany for Christmas Rock Night.

In the meantime, fans and interested folks can listen to “Circle Above Me” and watch the official music video right below. When asked about the song, Fallstar vocalist Chris Ratzlaff had this to say:

“This song is about finding inner peace and understanding that love is the engine of the universe. The characters in the video travel to a point to where they can release any burdens or inner conflict up into the universe to find joy and hope. The dancing character is the tension within our heads that drives us crazy, but when it’s given a healthy outlet, it becomes something beautiful that pushes us to do great things.”
– Vocalist Chris Ratzlaff

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