“Burnt Blue” by J Burn

J Burn.Burnt BlueBurnt Blue is a four-track EP from J Burn, an Americana old-style country sort of artist. In just four songs, J Burn manages to catch your attention with playful lyrics and old-timey melodies. There’s never a moment when your attention fades, though whether this is something you’re going to want to listen to again remains to be seen.

When you turn on Burnt Blue, you get the feeling of being in an old Western Saloon. That’s just how you feel listening to it. Each of the four songs manage to tell a story of some sort that draws you in and keeps you listening. The instrumentals are woven together well, following and countering a same basic melody. It’s decent to listen to, and will probably be better live. Though whether the whole saloon is going to cheer or not, that really depends on the person who’s listening to it.

While that old time feel is charming, it sound a little bit “been there, done that.” You don’t want to stick around for too long because you’re afraid if you do, it’ll lose its charm. That’s why at four songs, Burnt Blue is the perfect length.

If you’re a fan of Johnny Cash and other older-country slash Americana artists, Burnt Blue just might be right up your alley. It might even become a favorite. Though for others, the EP might miss the mark. Sure it’s charming to listen to, in an age where the modern country hits almost all sound the same, this might even be refreshing. While it’s worth a listen, Burnt Blue falls far short of being a favorite.

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