“Dreams” by Chords of Truth, Song Review

Chords of Truth.Dreams“Dreams” is the brand new single from singer-songwriter Chords of Truth, being released on December 15 2015. With influences drawn from artists like Cat Stevens and Leonard Cohen, Chords of Truth uses a soft but layered acoustic sound to give his meaningful lyrics an added power. With this classic but new sound, Chords of Truth definitely makes their mark with “Dreams.”

The song is driven forward by beautiful instrumentals. From the guitar to the piano to the vocals, there’s nothing in this song that isn’t one hundred percent beautiful. Whether Chords of Truth is up your alley or not, there’s no denying how absolutely beautiful “Dreams” is. When you listen to the song, you feel like you’re listening to it on the record player, alone in some remote but beautiful place. It’s just got that timeless feel to it without sounding washed out or old.

The lyrics are what really makes up the song though; they’re the deciding factor between whether this song is going to be a favorite or whether it’s going to sit on the shelf with all the other unplayed, unnoticed records. The lyrics themselves are unique, inspirational. It’s almost uplifting, and they have a really great message behind them. They really make the song, without the lyrics every other aspect of “Dreams” would mean nothing.

However, not a lot of people are going to appreciate it the way that they really need to be appreciated. It’s not something that’s going to get popular on any top hits stations, and for the lyrics to really resonate with any listener, the listener has to be open to actually hearing what the song has to say.

The beautiful composition and production that went into “Dreams” is the thing that really takes your breath away. It’s such a simple, classic sound that seems brand new. The guitar provides the main melody that the vocals sing along to, but the added piano acts as a beautiful counter melody that give the song an added softness. The background vocals give the song the extra depth. You feel like you’re listening to something bigger, deeper than what you’re accustomed to hearing. The way instruments and elements of a song are layered can make all the difference in the world, and “Dreams” is an example of a song that does it perfectly.

Whether or not this song is going to become a favorite or not, that depends on the listener. Even if it doesn’t become a favorite though, or it doesn’t really do anything for you personally, no one’s going to be able to deny the beauty of this song.

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