“Celestial Gold” by Kung Fu Jesus, EP Review

KungFuJesus.CelestialGoldCelestial Gold is an EP from Scottish-pop rock duo Kung Fu Jesus. Their music has previously been featured in Emmy award winning documentaries and played on BBC. Sounding like a mix of Ok Go and The 1975, this three song EP definitely serves as an interesting listen.

The instrumentals are exactly what you would expect once you picture Ok Go and the 1975 mixing together; a delightful mix of actual instruments, sound effects, and synthesizers. It’s pleasant to listen to, captures your attention, but doesn’t lock you in. The instrumentals on Celestial Gold make it the sort of EP that you would put on to listen to in the background while you’re trying to do homework. Occasionally you’ll give it some attention, though mostly it’s there so the silence doesn’t drive you crazy.

What it lacks for in unique instrumentals it makes up for in the lyrics, and the way that they merge with the instrumentals. They’re in no way poetic. But there’s something about the verse “Smartphones are for dumb mother****ers” that just grabs your attention and makes you listen.

Then the way that their lyrics blend in with the instrumentals and sound effects – like the text tones in “Smartphones” – just kind of add a layer to depth to the songs that wouldn’t be there before. While the ideas that they present in their lyrics aren’t exactly unique or mindblowing, there’s occasionally a clever verse or two that make the listener smile, and they’re presented in an interesting way that catches your attention.

In the end, Celestial Gold isn’t exactly revolutionary. You can’t picture any of the songs getting extraordinarily popular. But it is only three songs, which are definitely enough to make you remember the EP and Kung Fu Jesus. Even if this wasn’t a home-run, maybe whatever they’ll come out with next will be.

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