“Everglow” by Coldplay: Single Review

Another single from Coldplay has been released and we draw ever closer to the release of their new album. This of course means that it’s an incredibly exciting time for me! I’m always delighted to have new music from bands I love, especially when things start amping up to a new major release from them! So I can’t bring myself to wait any longer, and swooped in on this release quick as lightning.

The song starts off soft and slow, the melody pulling the track along to the lyrics which seem to cast a sad and somber tone to the song at first. They underlying energy of the track suggests a sweeter tone to it, and the energy stays pretty evenly matched throughout the track, and picks up with every passing moment of the track, taking it from a vague somber feeling to a lighter and more optimistic cast to the song. It’s an incredibly beautiful track, but would one expect anything less from Coldplay at this point?

All in all? I’m loving the new songs from Coldplay and can’t wait to get my ears on the new album!! I definitely think that you should go and listen to the song just as soon as you get the chance, because it is such a gorgeous track. A Head Full Of Dreams is currently set to release on December 4.

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