“Different Paths” by Matchstickmen, Song Review

apPM6_PZ-RaF0CVwZ-5ELRYdcJLnG9zEWOqBJ9rSGco“Different Paths” is the latest single from the Liverpool-based alternative band Matchstickmen. The single comes fresh from their upcoming album From Our Own Ashes, but is softer than anything we’ve heard from the upcoming album so far. “Different Paths” creates a somewhat different sound for Matchstickmen, and shows us what this band really might be capable of.

The first thing you notice about this song is how much softer the melody really is, at least to start off. Their trademark guitars are toned down and paired with a piano and soft vocals. Matchstickmen still bring their 90s reminiscent flavor to “Different Paths,” and expand upon it by drawing influences of both the bands that came before them and even other genres. As the song develops, so do the instrumentals and melody. The piano provides the basis, while the guitars play off of the melody that the piano’s developed.

The vocals by Lewis Wright are what really stand out though. The lyrics just have an emotional intimacy to them that makes them stand out. Wright’s vocals flow effortlessly along with the melody, and they deliver the lyrics with just the right amount of emotion. It’s far from poetic, but the lyrics in “Different Paths” just command your attention, regardless of whether or not you relate to them.

In the end, this song is just a teaser for what Matchstickmen really might be capable of. “Different Paths” itself isn’t amazing or spectacular. It doesn’t stand out like a rainbow painted unicorn in the middle of a prestigious law firm. But very much like a prestigious lawyer wearing a rainbow tie, the song captures your attention and make you smile. Matchstickmen have proved that they have more than enough talent, and “Different Paths” shows that they’re not afraid to take a different path every once in a while. This song just makes you curious to see where they’ll go.

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