“Shock Me” by Baroness: Single Review

Another random choice in what is always a very sporadic week for Americans. Tonight’s post is the newest single from Baroness, a band that I know nothing about. One could say I’m in the perfect position for “Shock Me” to shock me. At any rate, terrible puns aside, let’s see what this song packs!

The song starts out with deep, melodic synths that hum gently into a sudden shock of heavier sound with an intensity that literally made me flinch from the harshness of the switch. The lyrics keep easy pace with the intensity of the song and the volume that it maintains. The energy is high throughout the song, and there’s not a point where it falters. This is an amazing track, right up to the final notes of the song.

All in all? I really think you should go listen to this song for yourself. There’s so much happening that it’s hard to put words to everything that goes on in this track, but that’s the beauty of music. Sometimes, there’s no words to put to it in a description. This was a truly wonderful track to listen to today. Was it shocking? I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself.

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