“Victorious” by Wolfmother: Single Review

This is very much one of those days where I point and click on a random single to review. So today we review another song titled “Victorious”, except this time it’s by Wolfmother!

The song starts out with a heavy guitar driven rhythm, that pulls into vocals that are just high pitched enough to provide a beautiful contrast to the harsh backing music. There’s a high energy littered through out the song, and it pulls you into the depths of its notes with ease. The blend of harsher sounds, dissonant sounds, and higher pitched sounds works incredibly well for the song and really grabs my attention with ease.

I went in blind, and I was well rewarded. “Victorious” is a fantastic song that is well worth an extended listening session with it on repeat. Go on, try and listen to it just once. The energy, the balance, and the overall beauty of the song make it hard for me to stop. Wolfmother’s next album, which shares the name Victorious with this single, is due to be released on February 19, 2016.

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