“Water” by Ra Ra Riot and Rostam: Single Review

While looking for a little pep in my step I sometimes gravitate towards one of those bands that I enjoy listening to, but don’t seek out all that often for some reason. So imagine my delight when I go to find a single to review today, and spot a Ra Ra Riot song sitting in the new releases area! I couldn’t let an opportunity like this pass me by after all!

The song  starts of with a hum of energy that falls into a low mix of rhythm and beats that pulls the song to the high pitched vocals. The high vocals against the lower backing music creates a wonderful divide and balance  in the song, and the variety of subtle switches and changes helps the song vibrate with energy and emotion. It’s not a fast or a slow song, and it’s simply beautiful to listen to.

All in all? The song is completely worth a listen. It’s relaxing and gorgeous, and really hits all the buttons I didn’t know I was looking for. Go on, give it a listen. Let “Water” wash over you for a little while.

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