“Ridiculous” by Mleo, Song Review

Ridiculous.Mlo“Ridiculous” is the new single from alternative rock band Mleo. The song is the perfect blend of coffee house acoustics and progressive rock n roll. If Sara Bareilles and the Red Hot Chili Peppers ever worked together on a song, the result would be “Ridiculous.” With these great influencers, Mleo has managed to create a wonderful new sound that comes close to bypassing genres.

The first thing you notice is the lead vocals. They’re absolutely charming, drawing you in and acting as the song’s own hook. The lyrics themselves are catchy and cute, telling a delightful story that somehow resonates with the listener. You might not relate to every verse, but the song creates an energy and theme that just strikes a certain cord. You know what she’s talking about, and you dig it.

That might not be because of the lyrics though. It might be because all of the different elements in “Ridiculous” are so delightfully woven together, it’s almost impossible for the listener to not just go with the flow. At the start of the song, you’ve got a really laid back melody. As the song progresses, more instruments are added on, layer after layer, slowly giving the song depth. About halfway through the song, you’ve got the bass guitar with that same melody line, the drums supplementing it, and some sort of guitar-synth sounding instrument providing a high energy counter melody. But Mleo never lose that laid back, intimate overall feeling of the song. It just transforms.

In the end, “Ridiculous” is a delightful song that showcases some of the best talent Mleo has to offer – and makes you excited to see what else they have up their sleeve.

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