“Feels Like Only Yesterday” by Mi’das: Single Review

A month ago things were a little hectic for me so I didn’t get the pleasure of reviewing this song then. However, I simply can not refrain from sharing this single with you now, especially since we previously reviewed another fantastic song from the same artist! I’m delighted to see Mi’das make a return to our site with his new single “Feels Like Only Yesterday”!

The song starts off quietly at first, with a few whirs and a clicks before exploding into an energetic blend of music and vocals. The song is incredibly melodic, and flows easily together as it paints an evocative picture. It’s an enchanting song that holds the attention incredibly well as it blends together a variety of R&B style sounds and a Sinatra-esque feel.

All in all? Another great song from Mi’das that I completely think you should go out and listen to as soon as you possibly can. Mi’das continues to release music that positively enchants me and has me coming back time and time again to listen to and enjoy.

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