“Stepping Stones” by Heirlooms: An EP Review

We start this week off strong with a brand new debut EP from a group called Heirlooms! Though their EP, Stepping Stones, isn’t officially out until tomorrow, we get a chance to share our thoughts on it with you a little bit before that point! Of course, I’m always willing to start out the week with a little adventure musically, so why not just dive in to what this group has to offer?

The new pop punk group puts their best foot forward with this EP, featuring a few incredible songs that manage to display a wide spectrum by featuring both the fast paced and high energy style, an a slower, more subdued style. The songs posses a strong emotive quality to them, and twist delightfully through the ears, holding the attention with great ease. The song features subtle hints to some other styles and sounds that we could be hearing more of from the group in the future, and the evocative songs wash over the listener like waves on a beach.

The EP certainly gives me high hopes for the Australian group and a hearty interest in their music. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes and ears peeled for more from the group in the times to come. I definitely recommend that you look this group up because they certainly show a lot of promise. And don’t forget, Stepping Stones drops tomorrow and you should completely look it up!

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