“Made in the A.M. (Deluxe)” by One Direction: Album Review

Made in the A.M. is the first album released by One Direction since Zayne Malik’s departure from the group earlier this year. It is also the last album that the group plans on releasing before embarking on a hiatus of indeterminable length. This has been a big year for the group, there is no denying it. And there’s no denying that it’s going to be interesting to listen to the album that sort of acts as a punctuation mark to their year and their careers so far.

“Hey Angel” starts off with a deep melodic blend of instruments that rises into an energetic and beautiful song with ease. It flows easily, and has an undercurrent of emotion that compliments the blend of classical and contemporary instrumental effects in the song. It’s an absolutely gorgeous song to open the album, and it pulls the listener in with ease. “Drag Me Down”  and “Perfect” have already been reviewed here, and there’s plenty more on the album for us to focus on! “Infinity” opens with a quick rhythm that flows easily behind the vocals,that stand out against the music as it builds. The song starts off with minimalist touched to it, and the then it explodes into a big open sound that just flows so wonderfully together. And then it twists, and take on a stronger edge to it as it draws closer to the end, ultimately leaving off on an echoing note and leaving the listener craving the next song. “End of the Day” begins with a strong beat presence, and an interesting melody to pull the song along until the song explodes in the chorus. The song drips energy and pulls the listener in deeper as it maintains this balance of higher and lower energies though the length of the song. “If I Could Fly”  starts off slower, with a strong piano presence and a more somber sound to the vocals. It’s an incredibly evocative song that flows together beautifully. It vibrates with energy that only adds to the song, and leaves it resonating in the listener’s ears and soul for a moment after the song ends. “Long Way Down” begins with a slow mix of instruments that pull towards vocals that flow easily with the music, even as everything swells and begins  to grow a little, before giving the vocals a stark moment against silence. There’s an easy pace to the song that makes it flow so very, very easily.

“Never Enough” opens with a strong vocal presence, with the song initially driven by a mix of chanting and snapping before lyrics are placed over the mix of backing music. The song has a quick pace, and definitely stands out form the rest of the album. It’s easily the most unexpected song for me on the album, and it is absolutely fabulous. It had my attention from the first note, and it didn’t lose it through the entire song. This song stands out as an instant favorite on the album for me. “Olivia” starts off with the faint sounds of talking and then instantly breaks into a blend of fast guitar strum and vocals that pull the song along at a quick pace. The song builds easily, adding in more and more instruments with easy pacing in a way that you can miss their introduction because you get so caught up in this fun little song. “What a Feeling” begins with a more dream like sound, flowing into a gentle groove with ease. The vocals help move the song at a quick pace, and the entire song is painted with this aura or a bygone era that’s hard to pinpoint. It’s an incredible song in all truth, one of many on the album. “Love You, Goodbye” starts off slower, with a quick,vibrating build into somber vocals that quickly build in emotion as the song builds in sound and energy. There’s a slower pace to the song, but it’s complimented by the sheer amount of emotion that is packed into the three minute track.  “I Want to Write You a Song” opens with a twangy melody and an overall cutesy sound to it. It’s cute and moves at a decent pace. It’s a nice little breather, and it manages to stand wonderfully on it’s own.

“History” starts off simply with clapping that sets the stage for a quick paced guitar and vocals that are stark against the background for a moment before the song grows for the chorus. The balance holds for the majority of the song, with an incredibly big build in the middle of the song. It’s a confrontational song in a way, but it’s also one that highlights a desire to make things work out. It’s an incredibly interesting song, and it certainly holds it’s place on the album well. “Temporary Fix” opens with a quick pace and vocals that match the speed with ease. It’s an energetic song that has a sort of party element to it. It’s fast, and holds the attention well with the fun energy that it exudes. “Walking in the Wind”  begins with a more tropical sound, and a moderate pace that compliments the vocals with ease. The song builds in a big way after a little while, and it fits perfectly for the song. The song captures a wide array of emotion with ease and overall has a very uplifting feeling to it. “Wolves” starts off with a sort of jangly sound that sounds like the start of a dance song with some strong vibes from the fifties and swing dancing. It’s an interesting song that holds the attention well and fits well with what seems like a bit of an odd sound for the group at first.  “A.M.” opens with big vocals and evocative lyrics. It’s a slower song, but it work beautifully. The song is sweet, and builds bit by bit. The song wraps up an emotional and beautiful album with ease.

This was a fantastic album. There’s really not enough words to let me fully express how much I enjoyed this album and all the avenues that it went down. I definitely think you need to go an listen to it immediately because there is simply so much going on that it would be impossible to do it justice by just reading a review. It is well worth the time. And whatever the future may hold for the various members of One Direction, I’m excited to see it.

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