“Better” by Banks: Single Review

Once more we delve into the world of point and click at something random under the New Releases tab on spotify, this time to explore the song “Better” by Banks. Sometimes you need a little spice in your step, especially when you’re swinging back into work still. There’s not much I can say to preface this adventure, so let’s just skip to the part where I hit play!

The song starts off with a sort of church choir feeling to it and a sense of an open and empty space. The vocals come in, breathless and a little raspy in places. The song is slow and simple, but absolutely captivating. There are moments where it seems like it’s going to explode into high energy, but it drifts off just as suddenly as it teases and threatens. It’s a wonderful effect, and seems to ebb in and out perfectly. The song is incredibly minimalist, and yet it just leaves you craving more and more and more to listen to because it is so incredibly well done.

All in all? Go listen to this song because I have trouble doing full justice to it with my words. It is a wonderful experience that really helps you to stop thinking about things and eases you into a state where all you are doing is listening to the song and experiencing it. I’ll certainly be looking out for more, and probably playing “Better” a few times over in the mean time.

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