It’s finally time! In less than a month, a new album from Coldplay will be released, marking their seventh studio album! So today is a review of their new single off the album, “Adventure of a Lifetime”! I really enjoy Coldplay’s music, so it took some restraint to get my ducks in a row before I reviewed much of anything. But that’s handled, and there’s new music from Coldplay, so let’s get this party started!

The song starts off a dissonant mix of guitars and faint chanting sounds that pull the listener into the smoother and more electronic part of the song as the vocals start. The energy seems to vibrate and twirl in a multitude of directions as the song follows a consistently turning path of varying sounds. The sound, while possessing a vibrating energy, is actually pretty low key. It reminds me of the way one might feel during the lead up to something that intimidates them but they want to do, want to conquer.

All in all, the song, while a little underwhelming, is an excellent addition to the discography that sets the stage for what seems to be an album that will be filled with a variety of wonderful sounds and effects that have dotted the landscape of the previous albums for quite some time now. I’m curious to hear more from this seventh album, but unfortunately I’m stuck waiting until it or another song is released. A Head Full Of Dreams is currently set to be released on December 4, which shouldn’t be that much of a wait at this point.