“The Party’s Over” by Youth Decay, Album Review

Youth Decay, "The Party's Over" album cover. Image Cred: New Damage Records.The Party’s Over is the first album from Youth Decay, a hardcore-punk band made up of Stu Ross (Comeback Kid, ex-Living With Lions, ex-Misery Signals, Lowtalker), Benjamin Gibbs (The Grave Life), Dana Edwards (Carpenter), Loren Legare (Living With Lions) and Stu Mckillop (ex-Daggermouth, Aspirations). All of these different, talented rockers came together to make an album that honors the best elements of their genre without sounding like every other song in that genre. The songs might not call out to you or sound like anything special, but The Party’s Over is definitely an album worth listening to if you like punk rock music.

The guitars are the main element on this album, but not the only one. Ear-catching guitar melodies are backed by persistent percussion and “I don’t give a fuck” vocals. The songs on The Party’s Over basically contain the perfect formula for any punk album. Though since it’s got the formula down to a science, a lot of what draws listeners in comes right down to the lyrics.

The lyrics themselves are reminiscent of Sum 41 or even some of the earliest Green Day songs. The lyrics aren’t concerned with being poetic or extraordinary; the lyrics have a message to deliver and they don’t care if they’re pretty while doing it or not. While the punk bands of yester-year had a cleaner delivery and maybe even smoother lyrics, there’s a brutal honesty to Youth Decay that’s definitely reminiscent of those bands.

The whole album has that genuineness to it, a feeling that the narrators of the song have lost control of their lives and are trying to figure out how to get it back. It’s a very relatable, common message that has helped to solidify the punk-rock genre. Since this album’s hook is strictly found in the lyrics the message comes across depends entirely on the listener and how they relate to the songs.

In the end, while there’s nothing that really makes The Party’s Over standout. It’s not going to win Album of the Year at the Alternative Press Music Awards or anything similar. But it still might be an album worth checking out.

“The Party’s Over” by Youth Decay is available through New Damage Records on November 6th.

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