“The Resistance: Deluxe Edition” by Crown the Empire, Album Review

Crown the Empire - Deluxe EditionThe Resistance came out back in July of 2014. This is the album that sort of set a new milestone for Crown the Empire. The whole album had this sort of passionate, imaginative drive about it that was meant to shake listeners to the core and call them to action at the same time. People rising up against some sort of oppressive force isn’t exactly a new concept. Look at every young adult novel out there, as well as all of the most recent Muse albums. However, the way that Crown the Empire delivered their story in The Resistance was so creative and original that it blew minds all across the boards. And The Resistance: Deluxe Edition is no different.

The re-release of their latest album, coming out on October 30 through Rise Records, is complete with four brand new songs that add a whole new layer to the fan-favorite album.

“For us, the new songs on the deluxe edition of The Resistance are about closure. So much has changed over the last few years, and up until this point, I think we’ve been searching for who we were as artists. Cross Our Bones, Prisoners of War and Machines (re-invented) are just the surface level of what we feel we’ve uncovered creatively as songwriters and as individuals. As we bring The Resistance to an end, we hope these songs excite you for what is to come”

  • Andy Leo, Lead Vocalist, Crown the Empire

For those who haven’t listened to The Resistance before, the deluxe edition is the perfect time for you to hop on the band wagon – no matter what genre you’re naturally drawn to. There’s so much more to this album than just your standard guitar and percussion. There’s terrifying sound clips that shake you to your core, there’s layers of string instruments playing a countermelody to some songs, pieces of piano that add a sort of softness, and so much more. So no matter what genre-niche you’re coming from, Crown the Empire is going to have something you’ll love.

To top it all off, the amazing instrumentals are all centered on the vocals and lyrics. Delivered with a passion, the lyrics coast over so many different topics. The main message is of course to stand up to the oppressive forces in our lives, external and internal. Though depending on the song you’re listen to, The Resistance covers different parts of it. The feelings of hope, of hopelessness, the external forces themselves. The song “Millennia” takes your breath away, while “Maniacal Me” might leave you more than a little freaked.

When you listen to the album, you almost feel like it’s a play that you’re watching. You can perfectly picture the different scenes playing out in your mind’s eye, and the songs flow so effortlessly together that you barely have time to take it all in before they’re moving onto the next scene. Of course the first similar album that you can think of is American Idiot. In that album, you get a clear sense of what scene is what, and what you can take away from it. The Resistance can have many different interpretations, and it flows so effortlessly together that it’s easier to get the bigger picture and concept – whatever it might be.

The newer songs not only give the album another layer, but they also give The Resistance a different ending. The last ending, “Johnny’s Rebellion,” sent chills down the spine and left you wondering on what the end message was. The new songs [“Prisoners of War,” “Cross Our Bones,” “Machines (reinvented),” and “Millennia (Acoustic)”] pick up where “Johnny’s Rebellion” left off, continuing the story and giving it closure as well.

To make a very long story short, The Resistance: Deluxe Edition is worth investigating. If you’re never experienced Crown the Empire or The Resistance, it’s the perfect album to start off your journey. For the hardcore Crown the Empire fans who know The Resistance by heart, the deluxe edition still offers you something new. Plus, the deluxe edition has new packaging!

The Resistance: Deluxe Edition is out on October 30 through Rise Records.

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