“Disharmony” by Twitching Tongues, Album Review

TwitchingTongues-DisharmonyDisharmony by Twitching Tongues is an intricately crafted, guitar-driven heavy metal album, coming out through Metal Blade Records on October 30. The creative melodies and guitar solos on this album have all the best qualities of the heavy-metal rock albums that came before it, all while having enough original flare to keep even the most experienced rockers hooked from beginning to end. Even though it’s not for the faint hearted, it’s definitely for any music lover who can appreciate a good guitar solo or two.

“By the time In Love There Is No Law came out we had already dropped two songs on a 7″, and a third as a single several months earlier, so there were really only six fresh songs when it came out. This time, we have ten brand new songs that we are so excited about, everything is fresh, and everything is a step up from what came before it.”

  • Colin Young, Vocals

The first thing you notice is that the instrumentals are gorgeous. There’s nothing new about guitar solos and a guitar and percussion heavy, heavy metal album. However the actual guitar melodies and riffs are more unique than your standard guitar. There’s something in the techniques and the actual sound that sounds more experimental, almost like something Matt Bellamy of Muse would do – this is especially noticeable in “Cannibal.” Beyond the guitar, there’s some pretty stunning effects. The intro into “Arrival” literally makes your head spin.

If there’s one flaw in the album, it’s the vocals. The vocals themselves are fine, one might even say that they’re amazing. They’re almost an extension of the guitar and the different melodies of the song. No matter what song, they’re at perfect harmony with the music. However, with the way that Disharmony is layered and mixed, they almost blend in too well with the actual music. It’s hard to hear what the vocalist is actually singing about at times.

“We started writing and noticed it was coming out way heavier, more extreme, and we just went with it, and I also knew straight away that I really wanted this record to be more cinematic.”

  • Colin Young

The lyrics, however, oh boy. When you can hear them, the lyrics are surprisingly darker, heavier, maybe even violent at times. I’m always hesitant to call any album “dark.” The reality is that most albums in the heavy metal and similar genres that are said to be too dark just aren’t afraid of dealing with dark things. With that being said, Twitching Tongues are fearless on Disharmony. They grapple with some of the most human feelings imaginable – feelings of betrayal, distrust, agony, hurt – and set them to some of the most unimaginable acts. Mentions of suicide, death, and similar things are mentioned on this album in detail. The lyrics are beautiful but brutal, and brutally honest as well. While it might come across as dark and negative, Disharmony just might be the perfect album for those who aren’t afraid to look at the darker things in life and see the beauty in it.

Even for those who aren’t so inclined, it might be worth investigating. Disharmony is a delightfully fresh album with one good song flowing right into the next. It’ll leave you full with energy and wanting so much more – but perhaps especially, wanting more than anything to see these songs live.

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