“Emperor’s New Clothes” by Panic! at the Disco: Music Video Review

After a few days of somewhat strange teasers, the newest single off the upcoming Panic! at the Disco album has touched down, complete with promised video! Starting off with clips from “This Is Gospel” and blending into a soft continuation of it at first, “Emperor’s New Clothes” quickly turns the tide as it falls into a fast paced song that has a strong manic vibe to it as it blends small homages to the fairy tale it shares a name with and other small childhood rhymes. The song is somewhat addicting and fun, and really paints this new era of Panic! at the Disco music in new light.

As for the video, it does take a turn to a fun sort of creepy. It follows Brendon Urie as he falls down into the depths of darkness and traces his transformation into an incredibly ornate demonic figure. It’s perfectly suited for the Halloween spirit, and yet it manages to balance itself well enough thematically that it wouldn’t have been our of place being released in any other month. It’s an interesting little video, and certainly builds excitement for the upcoming album. The new album, Death of a Bachelor, is currently set to be released on January 15 of 2016.

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    1. Heya RM! While I did touch on the song in the post, it was very much a combined post of song and video intertwined with each other. While I didn’t go into as much detail on the song as I would have liked, I wouldn’t feel comfortable making a separate post for it at this point as it would feel a little redundant in places. I will probably add my extra comments to the album review once the album is out!

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