“You Said” by Tumbler, Album Review

TumblerTumbler is a band that came together through pure chance – everything just happening to fall in place at the right times. Their first album, You Said is a melodic ensemble of songs that are clearly written right from the heart. The instrumentals are beautiful, the actual composition is surprisingly beautiful, and the melodies just sweep you off your feet at times. Though the songwriting is what steals the spotlight in every single song.

The songwriting is endearing, telling these stories that just captivate you from beginning to end. “London Girl” tells a sweet story of a couple with polar opposite interests that love each other anyway. The song immediately following this, “Sleepy Bananas,” is a weird but sweet lullaby that can’t help but to make you smile. All of the songs have the same qualities about them; they’re unique both in form and theme, and they grab your attention and keep it there. It’s one of the best things about this album, in all honesty.

The instrumentation in You Said leans more towards acoustic, but the sound itself is so varied at times that it’s hard to place it under just that label. The instruments themselves are rich, and they all blend together to create these beautiful melodies that kind of sweep you away. There’s a heavy Beatles influence in both the songwriting and instrumentals, but it’s not an exact replica. The Tumblers have still managed to create their own sound that makes the listener really pay attention.

You Said is obviously a product of a real love for music. The album demanded your full attention not because it was perfect in every way, but just because every note carried a relevance to it. It’s obvious you were listening to music with a lot of heart and soul in it. That’s what made it such a joy to listen to.

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