“Perfect” by One Direction: Single Review

“Perfect” is the newest single off of One Direction’s new album, released around a week ago now. So, today’s post is going to be a relatively quick review of that so that, especially with the release of the new album hovering so close on the horizon. No time to waste, then! Let’s getting rolling on this review.

“Perfect” starts out with a dissonant mix of sounds, with strong electronic effects sprinkled through out the song. There’s a good flow to the song that pulls the listener into the story painted by the lyrics. It’s an energetic and cute song, with a steady mix of beat and melody that keeps the listener somewhat relaxed but this subtly romantic song. It’s far from a song that wows me, but it’s adorable and enjoyable nonetheless.

All in all? An alright song, really sets a romantic mood for the listener. It’s nice to listen to in a spare moment, and really leaves the stage set for what the next album is going to have to hold. Made in the A.M. is currently set to release on November 13.

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