“Dopamine” by BØRNS: Album Review

Last night a tweet passing through my feed pointed me in the direction of this album, and I had so much face in the group that mentioned it that it wasn’t even a question of if I was going to review, but one of how soon I would be reviewing this album. Dopamine is the debut album by BØRNS and was formally released today. I’m reasonably excited for it actually, and want to get started without further preamble.

“10,000 Emerald Pools” opens the album with a blend of softness and high pitches draped over a steady beat. The effect pulls the listener in with ease, and keeps them hooked with a beautiful arrangement of builds and falls that keep the song flowing with ease. It’s an incredibly beautiful song, and excellent start to the album. “Dug My Heart” starts off with more chaotic build that drops into a low throbbing as the vocals start. It’s a stark change from the opening track, but it hooks the listener and keeps them hanging on to the shift in the music. The song is sprinkled with a variety of small effects that build gently until the song is slowly shifted from the chaotic and low sounds of the start into something utterly different. It’s a well executed effect, and certainly holds my attention incredibly well. “Electric Love” begins with a wild sort of  almost space like sound, that quickly gives way to bigger rhythms and vocals. It’s another song that shifts and changes within itself, painting a beautiful and emotive picture. It’s an easy contender for one of my faves on this album. “American Money” opens with a deeper beat, and vocals that almost ethereal against them. It’s a song that easily sweeps the listener up and pulls them deep into the story hidden in the lyrics, so that the sudden build is almost missed because it feels like such a natural shift. it flows so easily from one point to the next that it is incredibly easy to get lost in the song. “The Emotion” begins with a soft, easy melodic build complimented by slow vocals that grow from behind the vocals to in front of them with ease. It’s beautiful song that’s incredibly relaxing, even though it expertly paints a picture of emotion washing over oneself. “Holy Ghost” starts off with a more sensual cast to it. It has a sort of groove to it that’s incredibly effective, getting the listener swaying along with the song. The song takes a stronger electronic presence at points, creating a remarkable effect that really helps bring the song to life in a way.

“Past Lives” begins with with a high vibration to the melody, and an incredibly present electronic presence. The song paints an interesting story in this synth heavy party, and then continues it in the deeper, less ethereal part of the song. The song creates a sweet little story, and makes it work incredibly well with the rest of the album. “Clouds” opens with another deep set beat and vocals that float over it with ease. It’s got a slower pace at the start of it, and makes how subtly quick paced the rest of the album has been until this point. it picks up a little bit, but all in all is an incredibly laid back song that is easily to just veg out to. “Dopamine” starts off with an quick build infused with a variety of electronic effects. The vocals cut out, amplified by subtle vibrations and echoing effects that add so many layers to the song. It swells with rises and falls, washing over the listener like some form of an auditory ocean. This titular track is incredibly well done, and easily stands out on the album. “Overnight Sensation” begins with a variety of sounds that seem to put the mind in an altered state of time. The song flows beautifully, embracing the listener. It’s another beautiful and sweet song, especially since it seems to transcend time itself by blending a variety of effects. “Fool” starts off with a stronger groove to it, changing the track to a reasonably quick paced song that’s a little less intense than “Overnight Sensation” at first, but builds fast and quick at the chorus, both hitting the listener hard and washing over them with ease. It captures emotion with ease, and wraps the album up with just the right amount of energy that leaves you wanting to listen to it again.

BØRNS is a delightful find, and I’ll definitely be listening to this album again and again in the weeks to come. I definitely think you should go out and listen to the album immediately, because it is so incredibly worth it. I look forward to hearing more from BØRNS in the years to come, and hope that you enjoy the album as much as I did.

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