“Love Me” by The 1975, Song Review

The1975_1Sometimes you hear something completely new that totally transports you back in time. That’s exactly the effect that the 1975’s new song “Love Me” has. Pressing play on this dynamic new track is like stepping into a time machine and walking out in 1975 at a David Bowie concert. The influence is that overwhelming, and can be heard in everything from the instrumentals to the melody and composition of the song itself. With that being said, “Love Me” is still an intriguing and catchy song that will no doubt leave its mark.

The most noticeable thing, right off the bat, is the guitar and synthesizers. They chime together to give “Love Me” a vibrant, almost out of this world sound. The melody is addictive. There’s nothing subtle about it; from the moment you press play, you’re grooving in your seat. The lyrics are catchy, easy to sing along to, and they’ve drawn you in before the hook comes round. That old-but-new feel that “Love Me” has makes it a delightfully refreshing change of pace.

As wonderful as “Love Me” is though, you can’t say that it’s unique. The influence from David Bowie is just that overwhelming – specifically, influences from Bowie’s hit song “Fame.” There are so many similarities in everything from the vocals to the melody itself that it could be disconcerting to some listeners. Even the theme of the song is eerily familiar.

There are somewhat distinct differences between the songs themselves. Just to name a few, “Love Me” has a little bit more of an upbeat sound, while “Fame” was more layered and dynamic as far as instrumentals and vocals go. However, it’s like the difference between vanilla ice cream and French Vanilla – it’s there, you can taste it, but depending on the person it might not matter.

Aside from the similarities, “Love Me” is a very captivating song that gives a much needed change to its genre. Easy to dance to, easy to sing along, and delightfully catchy, I have no doubt that this song will climb its way to number one before too long.

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