“Hey Everybody!” by 5 Seconds of Summer: Single Review

Another release from 5 Seconds of Summer, another way to start this week off with a bang. “Hey Everybody!” is the newest single from the upcoming album Sounds Good Feels Good. And of course, it’s only been out for about three days. I didn’t get as on the nose as sometimes do, but then that’s not always going to be the case. At any rate, I’m excited to finally have a down moment to listen to the song!

“Hey Everybody!” starts off with the album title spoken, and then cuts into a funky grooving blend of melody and beat before the vocals cut in, flowing with the tone built by the song. The song takes on a positive and almost party like vibe that gets the listener jamming along to the song with ease. It’s got such a fun energy to it that it’s incredibly hard to sit still while its on.

It’s a fun little song to put you in a good mood, and you should definitely go and give it a listen. Like most of their music, “Hey Everybody!” holds a positive vibe that’s subtle, and yet incredibly obvious through the whole of the lyrics. 5 Seconds of Summer continue to excite for the ever drawing near release of Sounds Good Feels Good on October 23.

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