“A Lukewarm Reception” by d.oh, EP Review

d.oh“A Lukewarm Reception” is the latest EP by solo indie artist d.oh. d.oh, also known as Daniel Oh, is an artist from Toronto who’s been making music since 2012. “A Lukewarm Reception” is an electronic-pop venture, but draws influences from a couple different genres to create an interesting blend. This EP is easy to love and listen to, and it showcases d.oh’s talents quite beautifully. However, some minor things might keep “A Lukewarm Reception” from being a favorite.

The four song EP starts off with “There Goes My Heart,” a smooth jazz inspired track with sweet, intimate lyrics. It slowly draws you in with soft instrumentals and melodies, and then the hook keeps you there – but not for long. After that first chorus, the song falls apart, and your attention fades away. You’re never fully engaged with the song, and you never lose yourself in it.

Almost all of the songs on “A Lukewarm Reception” get that sort of response. They’re beautiful, intricate melodies with lyrics to die for. The vocals can melt your heart and the composition is almost perfect. But it loses you, because it doesn’t engage with the listener past that surface level. Listening to the EP is like meeting a person and having that initial spark, and the conversation never getting past weather talk.

Even though there’s no connect from the listener to the songs, it doesn’t stop the music from being good. The composition of the EP as a whole is great, with one song flowing into the next effortlessly while still being different enough to keep from fading into the background. “49” features Macon Hamilton and Adam Noble-Marks, and offers a great change of pace for the whole EP – as well as a good reference to what d.oh is artistically capable of.

In the end, d.oh has a lot to offer with “A Lukewarm Reception.” If you’re interested in hearing a new, unique mix of electronic, pop, and jazz, this might be your cup of tea. And what might seem very surface and disengaging to one person might be another person’s idea of perfect music. Either way, “A Lukewarm Reception” makes it obvious that d.oh has a lot of talent. Despite not being able to click with the music, I’m very interested to see what he does in the future.

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