“Glorious” by Arty: Single Review

It’s another “ooh what’s that” day here on Music Unlabeled, this time featuring a track released at the start of the month. “Glorious” is a single from Arty and featuring Blondfire that jumped out at me a few times over the weekend, so I decided to make it into a post for today.

The song starts off with a quiet melody and vocals that seemed breathless and echoing, creating a loose feeling that holds an almost ethereal vibe inside the subtle energy. The energy picks up as the song takes on a stronger electronic vibe, blending between the incredibly simple opening and the more intense techno part of the song with ease. It’s a fantastic effect, and really lets the song be all that it can be.

All in all, “Glorious” is worth a listen. I’ll definitely be looking into the artist a little more because of this song. I definitely think you should go and look the song up, because it is incredibly worth the time you’ll spend listening to it. It has a wonderful energy to it, and definitely kept me hooked until the last note.

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