“The River” by Post Paradise, Music Video Review

"Ordinary" cover. Image Cred: La Famos

"Ordinary" cover. Image Cred: La FamosPost Paradise have released a new music video for their song “The River,” off their upcoming EP, Bring It To Life (Side A), out October 13, 2015. “The River” is driven by heavy guitars and a single, unique string instrument that highlights the melody and gives the song a haunting effect. With relatable lyrics and great instrumentals, it’s easy to love the song. But music video for “The River” makes it even easier.

The music video focuses in on the band performing, individually, in a dark lit place while a mysterious woman dances. Every member gets their share of screen time, usually at the point of their song when their instrument is highlighted. In between everything going on, there’s a dancer slash aerialist. She’s meant to be the women that Post Paradise is singing about, and she represents the image perfectly. For as stunning as she is, both in looks and talent, she doesn’t get nearly enough screen time.

The video itself, directed by Hudson Bloom and Patrick Edmiston, switches between scenes and focus almost effortlessly. You feel like you can’t look away from it or you’ll miss something. It generates a sort of energy that perfectly matches “The River.” In addition, the highlight that it puts on the members and the instruments deepens the connection between the video and the song, as well as the connection between the fan and the band.

In the end, it’s a great video that matches a great song. Filled with visual gems that keep your eyes glued to your computer screen from beginning to end, you’ll want to watch the video over and over again.

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