“Show Me Your Fangs” by Matt Nathanson: Album Review

It’s here, it’s here! It’s finally here! Today marks the release of the newest album from Matt Nathanson and I clearly have no chill when it comes to the prospect of reviewing Show Me Your Fangs. I’ve been hyper excited for this album for months now, and finally the time has come where I get to review it, so i don’t want to waste any more time.

“Giants” starts off with a variety of steel drum like sounds that lead into a bubbly sound and an upbeat song that holds the attention well. There’s a steady pace before the energy explodes out from the song, putting a smile on the face with ease. It’s a fantastic start to the album, and pays out all the excitement for the album in one song. “Adrenaline” opens with an echoing feeling and strong evocative tensions. The song is slower, with a subtle energy to it that lets it worm it’s way into the deepest parts of your emotion with its imagery and flow. “Gold in the Summertime” has been previously reviewed here. “Bill Murray” begins with an incredibly subdued energy, and a sadder energy to it that paints a picture that slowly and easily flips the song from a sadder energy to a sweeter one in a smooth motion that takes the breath away. “Shouting” starts off with an upbeat beat that is a strong switch from “Bill Murray”. It quickly becomes an incredibly fun song with an energy that really helps the listener groove along to the song. “Show Me Your Fangs” has also been claimed by my excitement in the lead up to this release.

“Disappear” begins with a deeper strumming that makes the vocals seem incredibly stark and clear. It quickly becomes an incredibly emotive song with a lot of evocative imagery that just washes over the listener with a sense of ease. There’s a build of energy that makes the song have an almost magical cast to it, which fits incredibly well with the overall lyrics. “Washington State Fight Song” opens with stark vocals and a quick trip into clear intensity. Nathanson always has a way with emotion and a talent for painting a clear story in his songs. The song has a gentle swell of emotion to it that leaves it ringing in the ears for a short time after. “Playlists & Apologies” starts off with a lot more energy and upbeat energy, creating the complete opposite feeling from the previous truck. It paints an easy image of a doomed romance that is almost too easy to relate to. “Headphones”, which has also been previously reviewed, wraps up the album quite nicely.

All in all, another fantastic album from Matt Nathanson. Show Me Your Fangs was worth the wait and is well worth going and listening to right now or as soon as possible. I’m forever delighted to have new music from one of my favorite artists, and albums like this are exactly the reason why.

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