“Victorious” by Panic! at the Disco: Single Review

Yesterday Panic! at the Disco released yet another new single, following “Hallelujah” and “Death of a Bachelor”. So far there’s been a decent mix of sounds from this onslaught of singles, and still very little about their fifth studio album. Still though, new music is new music and Panic! at the Disco rarely lets down when it comes to new music.

“Victorious” starts out with a lot of energy and a vibe that is in general easy to dance along to. The lyrics paint an interesting picture with each verse, and the energy of the chorus easily creates a multi-layered blend of positive energy that teeters on the very edge of being taken in a more dangerous light. The song is incredibly fun, even if it did take me a few plays to really get into the depths of the song. But, a few times listening to a song with so many different facets to pick out is more than a fair price to pay.

All in all? “Victorious” is another fantastic song that really stands out when lined up against the previous two singles. So far from this batch of singles there’s a lot of fun sounds, and it seems like that’s gonna continue to build in excitement. Especially since this mysterious new album, that lays somewhere out of the horizon in terms of release, is supposed to resemble the decade old album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out.

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