“Universal Melodies” by Nashaat Salman, EP Review

Nashaat SalmanUniversal Melodies by Nashaat Salman is an instrumental EP that combines the best influences of electronica, world, and orchestral music. With a diverse cast of instruments, Salman creates intricate musical pieces that go beyond anything you might have previously expected. There’s an obvious amount of dedication and talent in every piece on Universal Melodies, but it might not be enough to draw every listener in.

Salman is based out of Switzerland, but his music draws influences from all around the world – hence the title Universal Melodies. There are so many different influences that go into this record that it’s mind blowing. There are the classic orchestral influences in the string and the piano, then the Latin-Americana influences in some of the trumpets and guitars, and too many more to name. Salman combines these influences together to create gorgeous, intricate melodies that are lovely to listen to.

On top of that, the production is gorgeous. Intricately arranged and layered. Universal Melodies is so intricately layered and arranged so that the listener can take in every element, from the instrumentals to the melodies. The titles of the songs give you an idea of what to picture while listening to that particular song. For example, you might picture a happy summer night in your mind’s eye as you listen to “Summer Night Joy.”

However, it’s far from perfect. Universal Melodies is really unique and beautiful – you really want to love it. Some listeners just might hear these songs and fall in love, but the record itself is far from perfect. Despite only being four songs long, every piece on Universal Melodies feels like an actual symphony taking hours long. This isn’t a bad thing if the listener gets lost in the music. Since some of the songs lack a real hook to draw you in, it seems impossible. Three minute songs seem like they take hours long, and in that span of time you find your attention elsewhere.

There’s a lot to love about Universal Melodies. In all senses of the word, it’s a great record. But even with all of the talent that was put into it, and the beautiful music that comes out of it, Universal Melodies seems to lack that spark that will captivate listener’s attention.

If you’re curious to hear Universal Melodies, you can find Nashaat Salman on Spotify.

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