“Sail Away” by Mike Wojniak: Single Review

It’s been a busy time on Music Unlabeled, and so today’s post is a single that was released in the middle of last week. “Sail Away” by San Diego based artist Mike Wojniak is a song that I am very excited to review from the description alone. And I’m definitely excited to get to post it here for the review!

“Sail Away” starts off with a soft flurry of sounds that fades easily into a slow melody that builds gently into vocals that are positively haunting. The song is gorgeous from the opening notes, and drags the listener along on a journey of sensations that really swept me off my feet. The vocals compliment the beautiful mix of instruments perfectly, with neither feature of the song overpowering the other. The song is gorgeous and perfectly balanced in a way that leaves me breathless.

“Sail Away” is definitely a song that you need to seek out and listen to right away. It’s divine to listen to, and is well worth the time. I will definitely be pursuing Mike Wojniak’s website on a regular basis in order to catch any new material that is bound to come out from him in the days to come. I definitely recommend this beautifully chilling song to you.

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