“Invincible” by Shayne Leighton: EP Review

Shayne Leighton is another new artist that’s been brought to our attention, and I’m excited to finally have the chance to review her EP for you all. A woman of many talents, Leighton is also a published author and anti-bullying activist on top of being a musician. “Invisible” is her debut EP, released earlier this year.

“This Time” starts off with a strong guitar rhythm that pulls the listener into the song. The vocals are faint and soft, creating an interesting dynamic in the song at first. The vocals build with ease for the chorus, but keep to the floating melody against the stronger guitars for the verse. It’s an interesting song to open an EP on. “Dream of You” begins with a soft feeling to it in general. The guitars don’t maintain the foreground on this track, and it’s a wonderful change from the opening track. The song is evocative and sweetly sad in a sense. It’s slower paced, and somewhat relaxing to listen to. “Invincible” opens with a reverberating mix of guitars that take a backseat to the incredibly clear vocals. There is a soft but ever present energy to the song that really helps it come to life as you listen to it.

“Midnight Man” opens with a softer melody again, and an echoing feeling to the overall sound. The vocals are stark against a simpler background of music, and the song overall has an incredibly open feeling to it. It’s almost as if the night is embracing the listener as the song plays, which is always wonderful in a track so subtly emotional and provocative. “Foolin'” begins with a heavier rhythm on the vocals and a more confrontational feeling to the entirety of the track. It’s a song that’s quick to envelope the listener. It cuts to a variety of recordings in the middle, switching between them as if flipping through channels on a television or radio. It’s an incredibly interesting song that easily switches the game from a break up song to something ten times as complex. “Wolf at My Door” starts off with melodic sounding guitars, and vocals the seem to surround the listener with ease. There’s an eerie tone to the song, but it works incredibly well for the track. It’s the sort of song that stays with the listener long after it ends, and certainly lets the EP end in a way that you crave more.

This was a wonderful EP and I definitely recommend that you go and listen to it immediately. It’s a gorgeous EP and Shayne Leighton sounds like she’s going to be around for a very long time. I look forward to hearing more from her in the future. You can learn more about Shayne Leighton on her website.

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