“Window to Nowhere” by Andre Chrys, Album Review

Window to Nowhere is the new record from Vancouver singer-songwriter Andre Chrys. The record is influenced by different genres and artists to create a nice blend of Americana and rock. Each song on this charismatic record to tells a distinctive story, all of which are drawn from things in people’s everyday lives. With different flavors, immersive lyrics, and rich melodies, Window to Nowhere is an album that everyone can enjoy.

The album starts off with “Get Away With It,” a slower but still dynamic song that makes you want to groove in your seat. That catchy melody that’s so easy to groove to is the essential element of the song. It’s what makes it so great to listen to. That theme of good, captivating melodies is present throughout the entirety of Window to Nowhere. Each song, despite the lyrics or instrumentation of the song, has a melody that makes it great.

While the melodies are the most noticeable thing, the lyrics are also what make Window to Nowhere stand out. Through the lyrics, each song tells its own little story, offers it’s a glance at life from different perspectives. “The Velvet Rut” is just one of the songs that best highlights this, the title a reference to the lives that our society has become accustomed to living. Other songs, like “Old Volvo,” offer more personal and engaging stories for the listener to enjoy.

The composition and arrangements of some of these songs are beyond spectacular. “Don’t Disappear On Me” gives you such an intimate feeling while listening to it. The music just surrounds you, you almost forget everything else. Every song flows smoothly right into the next, and in the end, Window to Nowhere is a softer, sweeter album that gives its listeners lots to enjoy.

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