“Daydreams” by Audien: EP Review

Daydreams is yet another EP that I plucked off spotify at random. What can I say, sometimes a little adventure is exactly what is needed to mix up what you listen to. Featuring artists like Lady Antebellum, Voyageur, and Rumors, the EP seems enticing and makes me intrigued to hear what it hides in it’s quick length.

“Something Better”, which features Lady Antebellum, opens with a melodic, jazzy sound that drops into a gentle flow of vocals. The song pulls the listener in with evocative lyrics that compliment the upbeat mix of sound that the backing music flows through. With stopovers at a heavy electronic influence, the song certainly makes an impression on the listener and makes a great opening to the EP as a whole. “Pharaohs”, featuring Voyageur, starts off with a quieter feeling until the lyrics come in, and bring a more rhythm based feeling to the song. It’s a different sound entirely from “Something Better”, and yet it flows perfectly with the previous track. It captures the mind, and really takes the breath away as it plays. From the first half of the EP alone, Audien seems like an artist that’s more than worth a second listen. “Rooms” begins with a quick paced electronic sound that flows in waves, and gets progressively louder before dropping off to an open and airy sound that creates a more relaxed feeling as it builds. The sound changes dramatically a third time, and yet the song keeps the same upbeat energy throughout its shifts in sound, both subtle and jarring. The silence after it ends leaves the song resonating in the mind, and really leaves the stage open for the final track on the album. “Monaco”, featuring Rumors, wraps up the album with a gentle, vibrating opening, and vocals that easily paint a story in the mind. The vocals and music blend together wonderfully, balanced against each other with ease. The song creates an easy ending to the EP, but the urge to listen to it a second time stays long after the final notes fade.

All in all? This was a great EP and I heartily recommend that you listen to it as soon as you find the time. It’s under twenty minutes, but it makes up for it with music that is positively wonderful on the ears. I’ll definitely be listening to more Audien in the future, and hope that you will be too.

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