EXCLUSIVE: Q&A Session with WSTR Guitarist Kieren Adler

Waster. Image Cred: No Rise RecordsWSTR (also spelt as Waster) is a punk band out of the UK. Their name came from the feeling of being a “waste of space.” Now they’re taking that feeling and making it into something great. Their latest EP, SKRWD, pays homage to the punk bands that came before them, while at the same time creating a sound of their own. Guitarist Keiren Adler recently took the time to answer some questions for Music Unlabeled.

Music Unlabeled: How did the idea for SKRWD come about?
Kieren Adler: We’re all pretty broke anyway, and being in a band doesn’t particularly help the financial situation, so we’re basically ‘screwed’ when it comes to money. That’s the general idea behind it. We thought it’d be cool to mix it up and take out the vowels and put a different spin on it, then we had to alter our name, and now people think we just really don’t like vowels. Either that or we can’t spell.

MU: What’s your guys’ favorite thing about the record?
KA: One thing we’ve noticed is that everyone seems to have a different favourite song off the record, so all the songs appear to be going down really well! Choosing the second single proved to pretty hard, that was a good problem to have. We’re all really proud of it.

MU: 3. Are there currently any plans to tour in support of SKRWD?
KA: Yeah certainly, we had an EP release show not too long ago in our hometown Liverpool that was crazy! We were so close to selling it out too it couldn’t have gone any better. And we’re actually on tour right now; this is our first headline tour of the UK! We’ve got a few more plans in the works that we can’t give away too much information about just yet.

MU: 4. You have said that you’re the product of bands like Sum 41, Blink 182, and similar bands. What impact did these bands have on you growing up, aside from serving as a musical inspiration?
KA: Blink for me were the band that changed the way I thought. Not only did I start playing an instrument because of them, but they also made me not care what anyone thought of me and that helped me a lot growing up in a place where people can be very narrow minded. They’re definitely my favourite band of all time.

MU: 5. You’ve previously stated that the band name WSTR came from feeling like a waste of space. Now that the record is out, do you still feel that way?
KA: Things are starting to change pretty quickly, we feel like a real band now and I think people are starting to take us a bit more seriously. So no I don’t think we really are a waste of space, but take the band away and I doubt we would be doing much else with ourselves!

 MU: 6. What’s the main thing that people can take away from SKRWD?
KA: A headache.

 MU: 7. What goals do you have for the future?
KA: We want our EP to reach as many people as possible, however that happens, we just want people to know our band. Then hopefully lots more touring and lot’s more writing.

SKRWD is available for purchase through No Rise Records now.

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