“Daya” by Daya: Album Review

Sometimes I just flick through the new releases on spotify until something jumps out at me and really makes me want to listen and review it. That’s pretty much how some of my articles have come together, but it’s always a fun adventure in getting there. Today is one of those times, and the self titled album from Daya is the album that managed to grab my attention. It’s a quick album, with only six songs, but from the first few notes I listened to it has a lot of potential, so I want to get started on it right away.

“Thirsty” begins with the sounds of a glass being filled that flows into an upbeat, beat driven song with strong vocals that simply amaze from the start. Daya really opens this album with an amazing song that gets the listener grooving along to the myriad of music. It’s an incredibly fun song that holds the attention with amazing ease. “Legendary” starts off with softer, science fiction sounding vibration that builds into a slower melody and more downplayed song, contrasting the upbeat and energetic tones of “Thirsty” the pacing is even, and there is still a fair amount of energy to be found in the song, but it is no where near the intensity heard in the opening track of the album. “U12” opens with a slow energy, and stays at a slower pace at first. It’s a sweet song, and easily encompasses the listener in the vocals and instruments. Both vocals and instruments flow together flawlessly, creating a really beautiful song.

“Sit Still, Look Pretty” starts with whistling, and blends into a echoing, electronic bubbling beat that compliments the stark vocals. The song grows, blending in a variety of electronic effects that hold the attention with amazing ease. It’s a slower song overall, but it still seems to move incredibly quickly. There’s a subtle energy about the song, and it works perfectly for it. “Hide Away” begins with a melodic rhythm and higher pitched vocals that pull the listener into the song with ease. Then the vocals change, and make the song shift with them. It’s a well balanced song, and happens to have a video out at the moment! “Back To Me” is the last song on the album, and opens with a bigger sound and piano melody, flowing into the quieter vocals. The song builds slowly, and the sound only seems to get bigger and more open sounding. It’s a wonderful song that certainly makes me want to listen to the entire album a second time just to admire the sheer range of sound of the album.

All in all, Daya is a wonderful opening album for the artist that it’s named for. It shows a wide range of sounds and talent that certainly makes me want to tune in again and again while I keep and eye out for more from her. I definitely recommend that you go and listen to the album as soon as you can, because it is beyond worth it.

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  1. Similarly found this album through surfing Spotify’s New Releases section. Hide Away is popular; yet it was a pleasant surprise to hear the other songs. I agree that they all hold your attention. Sit Still, Look Pretty resonates with me the most after the day’s listen.

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