Another new single from the upcoming Panic! at the Disco album hit the airwaves yesterday, and it sure as hell delivers a lot of new and unexpected expectations for the upcoming album. “Death of a Bachelor” is the second single off the upcoming fifth studio album from the group, following “Hallelujah” from earlier this year.

“Death of a Bachelor” wastes no time in delivering a song that easily consumes the listener. The vocals are there from the first note, and Brendon Urie really gets to explore his talents as a singer. The song starts off slow, and has a sensual feel to it throughout it’s length, but it quickly reaches a point where the song explodes a little bit. It’s hard not to focus on Brendon’s vocals in this Sinatra inspired track. The song has a wonderful groove to it, and mixes in a bit of an electronic vibe to a classic sound. It’s easily a fast favorite, and really gets the mind clamoring for the new album.

Now there’s not even a title or a release date that’s been announced, but the fact that we have a song like this to tide us over is more than enough for me in the time being. I definitely recommend that you give it a listen as soon as you can because it is absolutely, completely worth it.