“Crazy People” by Bondurant, Song Review

Bondurant - Crazy People“Crazy People” is the newest single from Bondurant, a singer songwriter from San Diego. Bondurant is influenced deeply by the greats that came before him, especially Michael Jackson. You can hear these influences in almost every note of “Crazy People.” With smooth lyrics and an even smoother melody, you find yourself grooving right along to the song in no time.

One of the most noticeable things about “Crazy People” is Bondurant’s vocals. His vocals flow right into the melody, and are part of what draws you in. The other hook that draws you in is the guitar, which drives the song along as well as highlights the melody. The song almost has a Prince vibe to it at the beginning where the two front elements of the song are the guitar and his voice.

The lyrics themselves are catchy and relatable throughout most of the song. In the second verse, Bondurant sings  “I can be / your worst enemy  / so just leave / it all up to me” which doesn’t sound as friendly or captivating as some of the other lyrics. For example, part of the first verse (“I can’t complain / I have you / to keep it all together”) has a much more appealing feel to it. But this all might be subjective upon the listener.

One of the best things about this track is that melody. There’s just something about it that draws you in and keeps you there. However, the guitar and the vocals dominate the song to a point where the melody gets boring. Under the surface you can hear the other instruments and that depth. But it’s drowned out, so it becomes repetitive. The very things that hooked the listener in are what makes them lose interest about halfway through. Again, this might be subjective though.

To make a possible long story short, “Crazy People” has a sort of old time flare to it, an energy that just draws you in. It’s really captivating and fun to listen to. It might not become your new favorite over night, but it’s definitely got a certain charm.

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