“Roots” by Imagine Dragons: Single Review

I’m getting very lucky this period with all this new music from artists I like. Imagine Dragons have released a new single called “Roots” two days ago, and I held out until it hit spotify to review it. Imagine Dragons usually put out some very interesting music, and I’m hoping that this will hold up to what I expect from them.

The song starts off in a piano based beat that pulls the listener along and into the song, whisking them into the vocals and painting a strange, messy picture with the vocals. The sound only grows in its chaotic feeling, never passing over the point where it’s noticeably chaotic or hard to listen to. The vocals paint a somewhat optimistic picture despite having darker tones throughout the lyrics of the song. It embraces the listener, and takes them on a steady, plodding journey that leaves the song ringing in the ears for a few minutes afterward.

All in all, it’s definitely an easy favorite from the group, and certainly worth a listen or two with some of your spare time. it’s hard to say what role this song plays in terms of Imagine Dragons’ discography considering they released Smoke and Mirrors back in February of this year, butt it’s certainly a welcome delight none the less.

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